Coating Forum

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The Coating Forum is an institution that started in 2022 with the first Coating Forum held on October 19, 2022 at the Athens Conservatory. It is a one-day conference that aims to raise collective awareness of sustainable architectural and industrial construction. The event is organized by the Institute of Coating Technologies (IoCT), a modern research and innovation institute, created in 2019 by notable executives of the paints and coatings industry and Tsomokos Communications, the most “premium” conference organizer in Greece.
Sustainability is rising higher in the construction sector’s priorities day by day. In the past, increasingly stringent regulations have been the main reason behind the paint and coatings industry’s drive to develop more environmentally friendly products. However, there has been a fundamental shift in demand for more sustainable solutions led by wider society as a result of heightened public awareness of health and climate issues. This social demand supported by environmental targets set by regulatory authorities encourages businesses to put sustainability at the heart of their decision-making. At the same time, governments and NGOs are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and move to a more circular economy.

The main challenge in this transition to a circular economy is that consumers and customers demand durable, affordable and sustainable solutions. Can we build sustainably, efficiently and affordably at the same time?
The Coating Forum gives an insight into the latest assessments of the industry’s sustainability policies. It focuses heavily on developments in the construction industry, as well as the interesting topic of future supply and demand forecasts for key global markets. Highlighting the industry’s current major challenges and opportunities, the conference offers a holistic approach to market trends.

The second, Coating Forum 2023, was held on November 3, 2023 at the Athens Concert Hall (“Nikos Skalkotas” Hall) under the organization of the Institute of Coating Technologies (IoCT). The conference was again this year the leading event for the paint and building materials industry in Greece.

The conference featured established industry professionals who would present the latest developments in the paint and building materials industry, as well as new technologies, market trends, sustainability and regulations.

Coating Forum 2025 is scheduled for February 2025.