Paint Store Personnel

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Paint stores, hardware stores, building and constructions stores and yards, e-shops and any other paint seller or colour producer are particularly important in the coating sector.

The level of knowledge and ability to interpret and explain every property, feature or application of a product is essential for staff working at such stores. Being properly informed offers a number of advantages that make a sales outlet competitive and the ideal choice for its customers, whether they are professional applicators or private DIYers.

Stores that sell coating products are the pre-eminent spot for selecting paint, seeking answers to questions and getting advice to ensure an excellent result in relation to the quality of materials and their application. To provide that advice to customers, employees must be knowledgeable about the technical features of materials, be able to interpret technical brochures and project specifications as well as be well-versed in the latest decorating trends (colour trends, application techniques, etc.).

The ability to take part in training and education at the Institute of Coating Technologies through seminars, one-day workshops or corporate or individualised sessions ensures that employees have that knowledge and are being regularly informed about every development and trend in the coating industry.