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The training that the Institute offers in coating technology is an indisputable advantage for another group of professionals: decorators.

The knowledge of coatings and colours, their basic properties, the special features of materials in relation to substrates and application techniques are all part of the knowledge that decorators build over years of experience through hard work, failures and personal effort. The lack of substantive knowledge about paint can cause problems and delays in the professional decorator’s field.

Their contact with every new trend that arises in relation to coatings, their colours and application techniques, as they spring up and change by year and season, is another strong incentive to attend a seminar or one-day course at IoCT.

The ability of the Institute of Coating Technologies to offer training through specialised seminars with a small number of attendees provides a number of advantages for decorators, interior and exterior designers and related departments in design firms. Aside from knowledge of modern trends in coating and materials, the specifications for any painting and decorating project can be properly drawn up. Meanwhile, the professional decorator can achieve substantial control at every stage of the project with the ability to take prompt corrective action when necessary.

The result is there are fewer failures and delays in delivering the project, helping to enhance the reputation and trustworthiness of decorators with every project they undertake.