Coating Applicators

First educational course on Institute of Coatings Technology
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The Institute of Coating Technologies runs training programmes for coating applicators to enhance their knowledge at a theoretical and practical level. The Institute’s significant innovation is the ability to certify that knowledge once a training programme has been completed.

The coating contracting sector is one of the few professional fields in Greece which lacks modern, organised professional training, while knowledge and experience have not been certifiable until now. The Institute of Coating Technologies, in cooperation with recognised organisations in Greece and throughout the world, is determined to change the situation and to fulfil the need for information and updated knowledge of coating applicators, eventually leading to certification of their qualifications.

Certification will be earned through special exams held by the internationally recognised certification body, TUV AUSTRIA. Once training is complete and certification to the ISO 17024 standard has been obtained, coating craftsmen are able to stand out from the rest with the added advantage of ensuring the quality of their work and demonstrating their knowledge at every working opportunity.

The Institute’s training programmes meet all of the needs of applicators, regardless of their experience. From applicators just starting out in the field to contractors with years of experience, the Institute’s programmes offer insight into how to extract information from technical brochures, adopt sound practices and handle any type of technical need or difficulty in the field. The programmes are individually implemented, but special corporate training is also offered for larger groups of applicators.

At the same time, the IoCT also holds specialised, topic-centred seminars, such as how to deal with damp, special techniques and others, as a way of further boosting the knowledge and technical skills of industry professionals and giving them a comparative advantage as they perform their work.