Corporate and Individualized Training

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The need to acquire knowledge of properties, practices and trends in the coating industry is the foremost goal of professionals engaged in this sector. There is also a documented need for training at various levels of expertise and depth of knowledge to meet the demands of each professional category.

The Institute of Coating Technologies (IoCT) supports all sectors and can provide innovative solutions with training tools to combine theory and practice. Through modern and tailored programmes for either corporate or individualised training, the IoCT is a unique partner to many professionals who are called upon to respond to all types of demands in selecting and applying coatings. The type, time and delivery of training all depend on the special and technical needs of professionals who reach out to the Institute.

Every organisation, company or professional can turn to the Institute for general or more specialised training in any topic area related to coatings. The IoCT offers training options not only on its own premises but also at the premises of those interested, and can provide on-site consulting services and special training while a project is in progress.

The high level of instructors, the broad scientific knowledge base in the coating sector, close monitoring of technological advances and the Institute’s flexibility make it the ideal source of relevant knowledge. At the same time, where required, various certification schemes can be developed in cooperation with certified bodies in Greece and abroad.