Research and Development

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The Institute of Coating Technologies is staffed by top-level people who are active in research. Their varied technological backgrounds provide the Institute with greater potential for access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative actions. 

Research and development is an important component of the IoCT’s activities. These actions support the Institute’s functions and enhance the scientific incentives of staff. IoCT staff help to disseminate research outcomes through publications in prestigious scientific journals, presenting papers at conferences and through lectures at universities, seminars, meetings and one-day events. The connection between research and training is immediate, as the curriculum of the courses taught is continually adapted to new scientific developments.

The IoCT’s key vision is, in the coming years, to become established and recognised in the international research environment as an important, identifiable organisation in the area of modern science and technology in the coating field.

The Institute collaborates with universities in Greece and abroad, as well as with recognised research centres, to implement research and innovation projects in Greece and other countries.

As part of this endeavour, the following objectives have been set:

  • Shaping an interdisciplinary culture
  • Building excellence
  • Attracting young scientists
  • Strengthening research and innovation activity in the coating sector
  • Transmitting knowledge and transferring technology
  • Creating a strong research pole in the national, European and international context.