Training Programme for Coating Inspectors with Certification by FROSIO

Frosio - A new programm has started in Ioct
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  • Hours: 80
  • FROSIO (ISO/IEC 17024)
  • 24 hours coursework
  • 4400,00
  • 56 hours e-learning
  • 5 years valid

Forthcoming Training Cycle

Start: 20/05/2024 End: 22/05/2024
Submission of Applications Deadline: 05/04/2024
Courses: Monday – Wednesday 09:00-17:00
Examinations: Thursday 23/05/24 9:00 -17:00

Paint and coatings provide an important role in preventing corrosion on steel and other metallic constructions. In order for the corrosion protection to satisfy the quality and durability, strict demands must be set to surface treatment. To ensure the quality – inspection of the work at all stages is important. The inspectors must have thorough knowledge of climatic conditions, paint and coating technology, inspection routines, standards and guidelines.

The Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors of Surface Treatment (FROSIO) was founded in 1986 in Norway and has since 1987 issued certificates for surface treatment inspectors. The demands as to knowledge and skills are defined in the FROSIO certification scheme.

Institute of Coating Technologies co-organizes with the certified educational institution Paints Inspector, the training course of coating inspectors with certification by FROSIO in Greece.


The main objective of this course is to deliver the required knowledge and skills as defined in the FROSIO Scheme for coating inspector and at the same time enable the participant to perform as a highly independent and technically confident professional in all aspects of surface treatment inspections.

Due to the specific needs of the training subject and the practical involvement, and COVID-19 restrictions the maximum number of participants is set at 15 per training programme, in order to achieve the highest level of educational services and the participant gains the most out of the whole process.

Who should attend the course?

Coating Advisers, Coating Engineers, Coating Inspectors, Paint Supervisors, Yard Engineers, Quality Control Inspectors, and similar trades who have some years of experience performing coating inspections related to corrosion protection.


The education is based on lectures, demonstrations, practical use of instruments and group work – providing training of practical work. This way the participants have the possibility of going more in depth of the different subjects. This also provides good contact between the teachers and the participants. Some homework must be expected during the course. The length of the course is one week (4 days). The topics included in the course are:

  • Role of the inspector and inspector work
  • Materials and design
  • Corrosion
  • Pre-treatment/substrates for paint and coating
  • Ambient conditions
  • Paints and coatings
  • Requirements for the execution of the work
  • Standards, specifications and procedures
  • Inspection work/role of the inspector
  • Health, safety and environment

Skills and background

In accordance with the standard all candidates must attend an 80 hours course () and pass the examination successfully. The skills and background of the candidate are defined in the standard. Experience may be obtained after having passed the examination.

The FROSIO certification scheme describes the three levels available:

  • Inspector certificate level I

a person who has attended the course, passed examination, but without relevant experience

  • Inspector certificate level II

a person who has attended the course, passed examination, and having a minimum of 2 years relevant experience

  • Inspector certificate level III

a person who has attended the course, passed examination, and having at least 5 years relevant experience and minimum 2 years documented inspection experience.

For more info please visit:


The course is conducted in English


Τhe course concludes with an examination administered by a FROSIO representative. The examination consists of both a theoretical (knowledge) and a practical part (skill), each of four (4) hours and will be conducted on the last day. To meet the requirements for certification, all candidates must pass both parts of the examination.  

The FROSIO Certificate is valid for 5 years.

Course fee

The course fee is 4.400 €  (includes examination fee, all the course material and lunches).