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Ticket sale and participation in Institute of Coating Technologies (IoCT) programs

IoCT provides a multitude of seminars, conferences, education/training programs and other actions making every possible effort for their perfect execution. This document stipulates the terms governing the purchase of tickets for events by the Company. The purchase of tickets for the Events organized by the IoCT requires that you are fully aware of and in agreement with the Terms & Conditions of Use (https://coatinginstitute.org/en/terms-conditions-of-use/), the Privacy Policy (https://coatinginstitute.org/en/privacy-policy/) and the Ticket Purchase terms as they are set forth in this document, published on the website https://coatinginstitute.org/ and in force.


In order to gain access to certain Services, the User may be asked for personal information (such as identification or contact information) as part of the Service registration process, or as part of the User’s continued use of the Services. The parties acknowledge and agree that any registration information provided on the Website will always be accurate, correct and up-to-date.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the parties acknowledge and agree that they will not reproduce, reprint, copy, sell, trade or resell the services for any purpose.

The User accepts and understands that he is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the passwords associated with any account he uses to access the Services.

 Accordingly, the User agrees and accepts that he is solely responsible towards the Website and towards any third party for any activity that takes place through his account.

 In the event that the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of their password or account, they agree to immediately notify the Site at info@coatinginstitute.org

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of “Nexi e-Commerce” of Nexi Payments Greece S.A. and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.


By ordering and issuing tickets by users it is presumed that users have read and accepted all terms and conditions of use by selecting the appropriate field in the transaction form.

For ticket purchase users must follow the instructions provided by the “Website” and select the correct type and number of tickets at their responsibility. The IoCT issues tickets according to the information which users choose to insert and cannot be held responsible for any errors. For group ticket purchase the interested companies create a partner account, following the instructions of the relevant link.

Each ticket is valid for one person, for the event and the duration specified therein. Upon completion of the transaction the ticket details shall not change. The price of stolen, lost or destroyed tickets is not refunded.

The charges displayed on the “Website” that correspond to the different types of ticket comprise the total admission fee for event. The above charges stated on the “Website” may be modified by the IoCT at any time.

The fee is paid according to the methods of payment supported by the “Website” as indicated in the relevant fields and according to the instructions stated on the transaction form. Payment is made primarily through debit or credit card of the specific type or types listed on the “Website”; for business partners, payment service is also offered through web banking, whereas alternative payment methods may be available in accordance with the instructions and conditions that each time the IoCT makes known to the User. Each user must use a debit or credit card of which he/she is the rightful owner and authorized user.

The details of the debit or credit card holder are filled in and are processed directly in the system of the Banking Institution or Payment Service Provider which collaborates with the IoCT, performs the card transaction and puts into effect internationally certified protocols for secure transactions. The IoCT does not store customers’ credit card data in its systems.

For security reasons the IoCT is entitled to reject a user’s order, resulting to non issuance of tickets, or cancel the transaction

In the event of automatic rejection of the order due to security reasons, the refund is made directly to the user. In case of cancellation of the transaction for security reasons, the refund is made to the user in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Credit Card Schemes.


If the user does not receive a transaction code (through a confirmation page, by email, or to their mobile phone) after the submission of particulars for the completion of the transaction, or if an error message is displayed or the service is interrupted while sending the particulars, the user must IoCT to check whether the transaction has been completed or not. IoCT may not be held liable for pecuniary or other loss if for any reason the user has not received a booking/transaction confirmation.


Before purchasing your tickets, please ensure that you have selected the correct day/time/programme for your participation, as after the completion of your transaction it is possible to refund or change your tickets only under conditions:

  • Changing the date of a seminar/conference and, in general, an educational program due to extraordinary circumstances concerning the IoCT
  • Cancellation due to force majeure or more generally cancellation that is beyond the reasonable control of IoCT e.g. Strikes, Health crisis, strong natural phenomena,
  • Non-use of distance education services due to a technical problem solely due to IoCT,

you can either attend the program on the new dates if you wish, or request a refund if the new date / condition does not suit you. In case of cancellation of a program or impossibility to follow it due to a technical problem (as mentioned above), IoCT will return within thirty calendar days the price collected.

Byer acknowledge that the organisers will not be responsible to pay compensation for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation, other than the price of the tickets.

If a withdrawal or cancellation issue arises on your part, you must notify us in writing by sending your request to our email address info@coatinginstitute.org. More specifically:

  1. For Live or Remote Live programs

If you wish to withdraw from a training program or conference, a refund is provided as long as your withdrawal request is submitted up to 30 days before the start of the program. At the end of the aforementioned period of time or at the start of the program, no refund is provided by IoCT.

2. For video programs or online training programs

If you wish to withdraw / cancel your participation, as long as it is proven that you have not proceeded to use the service in question (you have not logged in), a refund is provided. If there is a withdrawal from your side, after the password has been activated on the educational platform, there is no refund from the IoCT side. In addition to the above general conditions, some programs may have a different tuition policy depending on the particularities that this may have. The more specific terms are listed in the detailed information of each program.


The purchase of the ticket entitles the holder to enter on the day or during the period specified therein if and insofar as he/she accepts and complies with the terms of operation of the site. Entrance of the visitor to the event requires the unconditional acceptance of these terms.

The ticket is displayed at the checkpoint of the site, checked by scanning the special QR code and cancelled following the instructions of the staff.

The ticket is valid for a single participation in the event. Anyone who presents a counterfeit ticket or a ticket that does not come from an official point of sale may be prosecuted. The first person presenting the ticket is considered to be the rightful owner; the second person presenting a printout of the same ticket shall not be allowed entry.

Exchange, resale and trading of tickets in general is prohibited. Tickets purchased for the purposes of business, commercial, advertising or other activity without the approval of the IoCT may be cancelled.

Those responsible for the operation of the site may prohibit entry to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are violent, offensive, or publicly instigates acts of violence, racism, sexism etc., carry bottles or other dangerous, sharp or flammable objects or objects that can serve as weapons, even if they are ticket holders. The transfer and use of audiovisual equipment inside the venue (to video and audio record and take photographs of the event in whole or in part) will be prohibited. The ticket holder accepts the possibility that his personal items may undergo check as part of the above mentioned prohibitions.

Participants must keep the ticket coupon for the duration of the visit and display it to security staff on request. After leaving the site, the ticket expires and cannot be reused for entry.

Participants must comply with the instructions of the security staff and those in charge of the venue as well as with the safety and hygiene rules as these rules are defined from time to time by the competent authorities

Parts of the event may be recorded/filmed or photographed. Such filmed parts or photographs may be provided to third service providers in order to provide audiovisual processing and/or services of further commercial exploitation and/or promotion and advertising. Any members of the participants appearing therein, shall make no claim to the filming/recording/photographing company or the Organisers.


 For any questions or clarifications on this website and the Terms & Conditions of Use posted therein, the users can contact us by email: info@coatinginstitute.org  or phone +30 2102202142.