IoCT Club

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The Institute of Coating Technologies is not just a training and research organisation, but also serves to draw together industry professionals with a deep and committed interest in coating. The IoCT Club was created as an outcome of the Institute’s training activities and special partnerships. The Club is a community aimed at building relationships of trust by providing technical aid and support through member reward programmes.

Registration for the IoCT Club requires that one of the following Institute programmes is successfully completed:

Registrants will receive a membership card with the submission of their application. Membership cards are valid for two years. By taking part in an additional Institute action, membership is automatically renewed for two more years.

Member benefits

The Institute offers IoCT Club members the following benefits:

  • 15% discount on all IoCT training activities for coating technicians
  • 10% discount for up to 2 persons nominated by a member to take part in any IoCT training activity for coating technicians.
  • IoCT Club members can contact the Institute’s special scientific partners through our contact form with any technical question or clarification they need on any special applications they have undertaken.

At the same time, IoCT Club members enjoy the following benefits at cooperating stores by presenting their membership card:

IoCT Club Newsletter

When you subscribe to the IoCT Club Newsletter, you will be the first to hear about

  • any news related to the coating industry.
  • introduction of new seminars, events and one-day meetings.
  • competitions, happenings, special events.

The IoCT Club is a continuation of the education and training activities for coating professionals and strengthens ties amongst members. Our aim is to create a well-trained group of professionals who embrace knowledge-building and exchange of good practices. Member support of the IoCT Club could be an important step towards development and progress in the industry.