Coating Forum 2022 – Konstantinos Aslanis

Konstantinos Aslanis
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Konstantinos Aslanis from ISOMAT, focuses on sustainability in building materials manufacturing, highlighting practices such as reduced energy and water consumption, recycling, and responsible waste management. He talks about various aspects of sustainability in construction, including ECO certifications, environmental product declarations, energy retrofit systems, reduction of urban heat islands, and the use of bimobject software to manage and supervise construction objects. He mentions how energy upgrades can result in significant energy savings and the use of reflective surfaces in roofing and road design.

Konstantinos Aslanis was born in Thessaloniki on August 18, 1967.He is a graduate of the School of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.He started his professional career in construction companies as a designer and Supervising Engineer in many private and public projects. He worked subsequently for several years in building materials manufacturing companies. He has an extensive know-how in the field of building materials, as well as of technology and certification of materials, and a long-term experience in the construction sector. He has collaborated with experienced craftsmen and engineers of different specialties, closely following the developments in modern construction and technology. He has participated for several years, as speaker and guest speaker, in scientific conferences, workshops, seminars as well as in a large number of events of scientific and production bodies, such as the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece and the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has been working for ISOMAT S.A. since 2000. Until 2009 he served as Head of the Department of Technical Support, then took over the position of Director of Technical Support and Marketing of the company. Today he holds the title of Director of Research & Development and Technical Support.