Coating Forum 2022 – Aristotelis Nikolakopoulos

Aristotelis Nikolakopoulos
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Does “green chaos” really exist? In what and how many shades? Aristotelis Nikolakopoulos discusses the trend of “double twin transition” in the coatings industry, which refers to the shift towards environmental and digital practices, and mentions the challenge of obtaining funding for this transition. “The future holds three trends. The first trend will bring us new products. The second one will bring us new processes and the third one will bring new customer relationships.”

Aristotelis Nikolakopoulos holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. He has worked in research and development positions in manufacturing companies of alkyd resins, synthetic polymers and emulsions, as well as, in paints and varnishes industry in R&D and strategic planning departments. Since 2018 he is the Director of R&D department at Vitex S.A. At European level, he is a member of the DECO Technical and Ecolabel Committee, the PEF Technical Secretariat and the Green Deal Task Force of the European Chemical Industry Association (CEPE), a member of the ISO committee for VOC standardization methods, and collaborates with the EU Joint Research Center for sustainability and eco innovation.