Coating Forum 2022 – Emanuele Dalla Libera

Emanuele Dalla Libera
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Emanuele Dalla Libera discussed that sustainability is a fast-growing market, especially in southern Europe. He mentioned the concept of biophilic design and how it can increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve building value. He highlighted the importance of testing building materials for dangerous substances such as formaldehyde, which can affect human health, and the various regulations in place in Europe to ensure indoor air quality. Emanuele explained that testing involves simulating real-life conditions in a laboratory to determine the emission of harmful substances from building materials. He emphasized that testing is crucial to comply with sustainability schemes such as LEED and EUROFINS protocol, and he differentiated between VOC content and VOC emission testing.

Emanuele Dalla Libera is responsible for South East Europe on behalf of Eurofins Product Testing A / S Denmark. For over 20 years he has been working with the major Italian players producing building materials, first in the industrial sector and since 2016 with Eurofins consulting companies and producers for the international regulations indoor emissions’ compliance. Active in the working tables for indoor air quality in trade associations, speaker at seminars and conferences with a strong focus on the methods and results of measuring VOC emissions in building materials. Eurofins Product Testing A / S, the most important laboratory in the world for the measurement of emissions and content of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in building materials is part of Eurofins Scientific, a global network of laboratories with over 900 laboratories in 54 countries. It offers a wide range of testing and certification services that provide a One-Stop-Shop solution. With a state-of-the-art laboratory, a global market leader in VOC emissions testing. In addition to consulting and testing, it offers CE certifications and product certifications, which ensure that products automatically comply with various national regulations, voluntary labeling schemes and global sustainability programs such as LEED or BREEAM. In collaboration with other Eurofins laboratories, it can offer various tests to ensure the safety and performance of your products.