Coating Forum 2022 – Olympia Dolla

Olympia Dolla
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Olympia Dolla is giving a presentation on the role of the construction industry in a more circular, renewable, and resource-efficient society, and how the European regulatory framework has been developed. She highlights the EU’s ambitious goals to become carbon neutral by 2050 and become circular by 2050, through the Green Deal and the Circular Economy Package. Olympia also discusses the significance of the Eco Design for Sustainable Products Regulation and the revised Construction Products Regulation in ensuring sustainability in construction products.

Olympia is an Environmental Scientist with a specialization on Sustainable Energy and Materials. She has studied thoroughly renewable energy resources and policies around them. As Sustainable Construction Manager, she is responsible for activities around Sustainability and Circularity of mineral wool insulation products, LCA, waste management and recycling. She is also representing Eurima at the CEN TC 350 groups, CEN TC 88 and Construction Products Europe Sustainability groups. Prior to Eurima, Olympia worked for CEPE on Sustainability policies, EPDs, LCA database and tools. She was PEF pilot leader for Decorative Paints and the manager of EF database for Chemicals for Paints. She has been deeply involved in EU Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement on behalf of the industry.