Coating Forum 2022 – Round Table

Round Table Discussion
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Olga Itsiou from DIMAND, Armodios Yiannidis from HACI & VITEX and Andreas Athanassopoulos from Eurobank come together to tackle the pressing issue of sustainability and performance in today’s world. Seated at a round table discussion, they try to answer the question “Can we build sustainability and performance in an affordable approach at the same time?” With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, they engage in a lively and insightful discussion about the challenges and opportunities for achieving a sustainable future while balancing affordability and performance.

Armodios Yannidis, President HACI & CEO VITEX S.A.
Olga Itsiou, Chief Operating Officer, DIMAND S.A.
Andreas Athanassopoulos, Deputy CEO, Eurobank Group, Chief transformation Officer, Digital, Retail | Executive Member of BoD Eurobank
Chairperson: Stefania Souki, Business Director, Proto Thema